Best method for token/tag replacing text?

I am writing a novel and I want to be able to easily change the age of the main character, which is referenced multiple times in the text. I would prefer not to use Search/Replace. I would like to use some sort of token/tag/variable/replacement method. I tried defining a replacement ( --> thirteen) using the Compile>Replacements pane. That seems to work fine for me, but I was wondering if this is the best approach or there is some other preferred/better method for this? Thanks. --Robert

Yup! That’s the best approaching for creating custom placeholder tokens in your work. You’ll note there are two tabs in the Replacements pane, one for presets and one for the project itself. This way you can swap presets easily without losing your project-specific tokens. Presets will only ever replace the contents of the preset tab.

You might also consider adding the placeholder to your Project/Auto-Complete List. That way when you start typing ‘<’ Scrivener will automatically suggest placeholders for you.