Best Mouse revisited / Logitech SW

For those who’ve had trouble with Logitech’s Control Center software in Mac OS X 10.4.10 (especially MacBook Pros, I think…), a note that Logitech has the new lcc231 software for Mac OS X on their site now. I understand they were holding it to be Leopard compatible, so one hopes it is.

I’ve only been using it for a few hours, but it seems to work nicely. And the MX Rev is truly a lovely mouse to use.

Having given up on Logitech’s software division many years ago, I’ve been using Steermouse to access all of the features on my mouse. It isn’t free, but it is intuitive and fully featured, and if you ever go non-logitech, it will probably follow you along, as it supports a wide range of mice on the market.

Ditto on the MX Revolution. I love that thing. :slight_smile: Once you go fly-wheel, all other mice feel like swimming in a bog.

I use USB Overdrive for all my mousy needs, short of making cheese.

I used Steermouse for a few weeks under their 30 day trial. It seemed a bit clunky to me, and I could never quite get the tracking settings exactly where I wanted them. Ended up uninstalling Steermouse and using the MX on a more limited basis, expecting the Logitech update.
Your mileage may vary wildly, but I find the new LCC software far nicer than Steermouse. More importantly, I can now really dial in mouse tracking and wheel use far better than I could in Steermouse. It feels like the software has supercharged the MX Rev.

I’ll certainly give it a try. Does Logitech’s software allow you to configure buttons on a per-application basis? That is one thing that I wouldn’t be able to give up.

Yes, it appears you can create as many application profiles as you want for all the variant mouse bits.

Honestly, I’m surprised how much more I enjoy the mouse with just the finer control over tracking, if nothing else. The notes on the release say it also installs an enhancer bit that allows for better control. From my use today, it works very nicely.