Best Note-Taking Practices???

Im a noobie at scrivener and just went through the extensive tutorial. But my question or problem is whats the best way to take notes for college in scrivener?

Theres scratch pad , document notes, comments field, project notes and then the word processor. Im a bit confused and overwhelmed at the array of note taking options. Can anyone explain the differences and uses of eacb function and maybe have a process or set of order when it comes to using this software for college note-taking ??

There are plenty of different ways of doing this, but one way would be as follows.

Have a single Project per Course / Subject. Then

Original notes (e.g. from a book or lecture): write directly in the Editor. One document per lecture. For books you may want a Folder for each book, and then one document per chapter / section.

Your comments / annotations on your original notes (e.g. when revising): use Document Notes for overall comments on that lecture. Use Comments to comment specific phrases / arguments.

Your comments on the course or subject as a whole: Use Project Notes.

Something like this… (I hope the image works properly – if it doesn’t scroll so you can see the whole width of the image, click on this link instead:

There are many other ways, but perhaps this will give you something to start with?

You might find it interesting to look at this blog:

One of the problems is that “notes” is actually quite a vague concept – it covers everything from a quick line with the author and title of a book, to pages of extensive writing. And different people like to do things in very different ways – some like copying out long portions of the books they read, others prefer only key words.

Perhaps the key is to decide what these notes are supposed to do for you. What are you going to use them for? Aids to memory, aids to understanding, or something else?

You might decide that NValt is better for quick and dirty short items, while copying quotations from a book might be better done in Scrivener. I doubt that there is an easy answer to this. You will probably have to try a few things and see what works for you. I’ve been trying to find a good method for many, many years. I’m still trying. For one thing, the software keeps changing! New programs offer new possibilities, and I’ve no sooner got used to one than something better comes along.

Good luck with the course,

So i think this is how I’m going to use the notes functions in S.

Notes Variations and meaning: 
◆	Document notes are notes pertaining to the document, as such its used to help with the process of outlining key points within the text
◆	Comments is Visual representation used to focus on a particular area, are used for various bookmarking uses, to put emphasis and attention to that particular section 
◆	Project notes are going to be used for notes for the entire file or project. Spanning from current document to document as a whole. 
◆	Scratch pad is going to be used as stickies, not pertaining to a particular  document or file, its used to just capture thoughts like an inbox 

I think this should work for me although its only written in theory not implementation yet