best practice for updating IndexCard Project into Scrivener?

Hi and good day,

Which is the best practice for updating my IndexCard Project into Scrivener?

If I use the ”Copy to Dropbox” alternative, there is a File type choice: f ex

Could use


rtf, and paste all files onto the old files ( = tedious)

or I could use


Scrivener > unzip > but this will create a folder with ALL my projects inside, although I only need this 1 project.
Also it uses an old files system, so I have to update the Project,

The fonts have been changed from before, and now I have 2 projects:


  • the Scrivener project from before the iPad sync


  • a new updated Scrivener project from AFTER the iPad sync.

So then I would have to delete the older one (Scrivener project from before the iPad sync).

So you see to sync from iPad - iMac - back to iPad is cumbersome, and I wonder which way to do it better.

I don’t need to sync all the time, but when back from an assignment.

with best regards,
Omar K N
Stockholm, Sweden

ok I now saw the formidable YT screencast: Scrivener 2 Basics - Syncing with Index Card Mac Only

and wrote a short description here:


pt. 1 on iOS 9

update your IndexCard file with > Send button > Copy to Dropbox > choose IndexCard file format (IndexCard) > then go to iMac (pt.2):

pt.2 on the iMac

Scrivener > File > Sync > “Collection from IndexCard file & update collection from IndexCard file: updated.

with 2 warning signs:

thereafter: finish!