Best practice for web capture

I’m new to Scrivener and this forum, and would appreciate recommendations on the most efficient way to capture web data into the Research folder of an open project. For example, I’m browsing in OmniWeb, see a page that I like, and click on the YepShot bookmarklet. This converts the page into a PDF and stores it in Yep. Ideally, I’d like to do something similar to suck webarchives into Scrivener. Is something like this possible? If not, what are the best alternatives?


One way is

In your web browser you can choose PRINT then in the bottom left hand corner of the print dialog box choose SAVE AS PDF from th pull down menu. Save them to a “temporary folder” on your desktop (The pdf’s) then open SCR and drag the PDF’s into the research binder

Thanks, Wock. I was trying to avoid the two-step. But if that’s the best way, so be it. I realize that this isn’t Scrivener’s focus, but wanted to make sure that I hadn’t overlooked a better way.


If you don’t mind not having a PDF you can also use the File -> Import -> Web Page command which will import a webpage for you. (note, you don need to have selected the Research folder, otherwise it’ll be greyed out).