Best practice in editing?

Hello! I have used Scrivener during a long time to write a non-fiction book. The book is now “ready” and has about 250 pages. I have exported to Word and am currently going through all the text, doing spell and granar checking, removing some parts and rewriting some. I guess I could have done this in Scrivener too, but I felt more comfortable working in Word for this part of the process. However - I have found out that some parts are quite similar to each other and some parts should be moved to other parts of the book.
What are your suggestions about how I should continue? I have read the text through, made all the “small” changes and now need to make the bigger changes mentioned above (moving, comparing, merging etc.).
Should I import the text back into Scrivener, divide into “chapters” and then work through the parts like changing order of the chapters etc OR should I remain in Word to do this?
Do you ever go from Scrivener to Word and then back into scrivener again?
Would very much appreciate your input and views on this!
Thanks in advance!

File > Import > Import and Split could be painless IF you’ve structured your Word document using Styles at specific Levels in the Paragraph settings. It will even be imported nested.
For moving scenes around I would try and get it back into Scrivener. The software gives you the overview you need…

Hi AntoniDol! Thanks for your answer!
I didn´t know there was a function like that! By "Styles at specific Levels in the Paragraph settings." do you mean like “Headline 1” and “Headline 2” (I am unfortunately not aware of all English expressions in Word since I am using a Swedish version)
Best regards, Håkan

In Word, if you use the default Styles consistently, the Levels of the Styles will be perfect for Import and Split. If you change the default Styles, make sure the Levels of the Styles are in the order you want them nested in the Binder.
If I remember well, that Level is set in the Paragraph Setting of a Style in Word. Here it is (in Dutch :slight_smile: )

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