Best Practice when shifting from iOS to OS desktop?

Hi and good day,

Today I was about to miss some items from the Research section when syncing. Probably missed the warning ”Make sure Dropbox (is ok) before opening (on iOS).” Thankfully they landed in the ‘Conflicted Documents’ folder.

So what is the Best Practice when (shifting several times a day the work) from iOS-iPad to OS-desktop?

Is it best to close the project before moving over to the desktop and vice versa?

Is it better in this case to work with a Sync Folder?

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Omar KN
Stockholm, Sweden

The best practise is

  1. close the project on the desktop, and make sure the Dropbox app has synced everything to the server,
  2. open iOS Scrivener and sync when it asks to do that
  3. when you are done writing on the iDevice, back out to the project view and sync to Dropbox
  4. back on the laptop, check that the Dropbox folder is updated, before you…
  5. …open the project again in the laptop Scrivener

As long as you remember that there are three devices involved, your laptop, the dropbox server, your iDevice, and wait for upload/download to/from the dropbox server, you are safe.

No. That functionality was introduced as a stop-gap measure before Scriv iOS came out. (I am not sure how you could even effectively use it with Scriv iOS.) It is much more primitive and would certainly not make things easier and, since using it would involve the same syncing needs between three devices plus additional hoops, it would actually just open up new opportunities for misstep!