Best practices for draft ==> PDF, iBook, Kindle and ePub


I’m new to Scrivener and have been going through the tutorial and user guide. I find them very well done and informative, thanks. I have read one book (rather unsatisfactory) and done a bunch of Googling to get myself up to speed.

I am writing a technical computer oriented book which I will self publish. My primary output target will be PDF, but I want to be able to go to well formatted iBook, Kindle and ePub also. The one big question I have now is what is the best workflow to accomplish this. My goal is to maintain the potential for high quality final output while keeping rework for each target format as minimal as feasible.

I learned that your user guide is process using MultiMarkdown ==> LaTex ==> PDF. That looks great and I have years of TeX and LaTex experience (albeit a bit rusty) so I am pretty comfortable with that. When I researched getting MMD to iBook, Kindle and ePub I was less than encouraged. Seems all the techniques are hackish and have too many potential gotchas.

So I am looking for the advice of others more experienced here on there recommended workflows. Understand that I am not really tied to any particular mechanics. If MMD and/or LaTex are useful fine if not no problem.

By the way, I have read the posts [url]] and [url]]

In theory, you can create all of those output formats directly from Scrivener. Simply set up the appropriate Compile preset for each.

Whether something that simple will work in practice is going to depend on your project. Will plain vanilla formatting work for you, or do you need something more complex? Is your document mostly text, or are there lots of tables and images?

My strongest recommendation is that you get started early. Start experimenting with the Compile options as soon as you have a few chapters of first draft. Don’t wait until everything else is done and this is the last hill you have to climb before sending your book out into the world.