Best practices for importing video in Scrivener?

I’m going through a course and placing templates in scrivener, etc. Today I realized I can actually import the course’s teaching videos into Scrivener, too, which is highly useful. However, I’m getting the idea that this GREATLY increases the file size because it’s literally importing the video, not linking to it. Quickly, I could have a 10GB Scrivener file.

I also noticed I can import YouTube video pages. So, would it be better to put the videos on YouTube (as unlisted) and then drag those pages into Scrivener? Or something else? For instance, is there a way to just link to the video on my hard drive? :question:

What’s the best practice for this?

You can use File > Import > Research File as Alias… to put a link to the file in the binder. It will act like a regularly imported file in most respects, but it won’t actually copy the video into your project. Another option is to use the project references in the inspector to just add a link to the file if you don’t need it to appear as a separate item in the binder. External references will open in their default program when you double-click, but you can Ctrl-click and choose to open supported files like videos directly in the editor if that’s your preference.

Wow–this is stellar! I added the file reference under Document References and when I ctrl-click it actually lets me open it split-screen with my file. Has anyone told you this is amazing software???

Thanks! Glad that did the trick. Quick note, there are two reference options in the inspector: document references, which are associated with a single document, the way that the synopsis and other document meta-data are, and project references, which can be viewed regardless of what document is focussed in the editor. Clicking the “Document References” header bar in the inspector will let you toggle between them. For your purposes, the project references might be a better location to store links to your course videos if they’re relevant to the entire project. On the other hand, if each video deals with a particular topic and you’ve got a binder document on that topic, linking the videos in document references would be a way to keep everything together.

That’s really excellent. My videos are individualistic to the single documents. I was going to list them in the binder, but I love having them in another area so they’re more specifically located. Thanks again!

How to you import videos ? Can they be imported inline in the text and then exported to an epub document.