Best Scrivener link for Android Tablet

I am thinking of buying an Android Tablet (not sure exactly which one) and am wondering what software will work best to link into Scrivener, given that at present there is no Android version of Scrivener. What is a good editor. How do you eventually link what you write on the Tablet with Scrivener. Just some general pointers as to what to consider would be nice. I plan on reading a lot of pdf’s on the Tablet and making notes, so if I import those pdf’s into Scriv. i would like to keep the notes. Is that possible?

Many thanks.


I’m getting to know my Android tablet. I just bought a Nook Color (refurbished) from for $150 (USD, price included shipping (I thought it was a good deal)). Then I installed CM7 and the Google Apps. Works like a charm. A 7" Android tablet for cheap. Of course, no camera and no GPS, but I bought it for writing, so I don’t miss those extras in the least.

I use a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse and the Nook Color Tweaks app to enable USB host mode. Very nice. Worth the money (I value a good keyboard.) The mouse works flawlessly as well. It’s good for hitting icons I find hard to get at along the bottom or top. I also use a touch stylus from time to time. Just helps keep down my “I didn’t mean to hit that icon” frustration.

AmberV said he used QuickOffice Pro on his Kindle Fire, so I bought that for my tablet as well. I’m just getting used to it, so I have yet to try syncing. But I intend to use DropBox and perhaps an encryption app as well.

Let us know what you decide.

Thanks for the comments.

I want to get a full fledged tablet, not a Nook or a Kindle fire. I want to use it for reading pdf’s and writing notes, etc, that I can then link to a Scriv document. Ideally, I would like to have Scriv on a tablet, but get the impression that there will be one for iPad but not likely one for Android, or that Android will be at least second-in-line.

Fortunately, I am not in a super-rush to do any of this. Right now I guess you could say I am doing my due diligence.

So, I need to know what is a good notemaking program, and how well can one link it into Scriv; presumably using some second-party device like dropbox.


When you say “link it into Scriv”, what are you trying to do? Add text files to the Binder? Add Document Notes? Project Notes? Link to external files? Create internal HTML pages? Something else?

Mainly adding text files, document notes, and project notes. Linking to external files would be v. difficult externally and I think is best managed by having the file and the scriv file on the same computer. The same goes for external url’s.
I think mainly it would be text-creation as I read various other materials, such as pdfs, and write otherwise. I can always put an identifier in the created text so that i know where I got the quote or whatever. I have never created internal HTML files, not too sure what that would be (i.e. internal).

I also want to know of the experiences of others when using an android based tablet as an adjunct to Scrivener.