Best Search and Replace Methodology

Is it better to do many search and replces with Word and then import into Scrivener or is better to use a specialized Search and Replace utility or is better to do the many searches and replaces within Scrivener.
I have many searches and replaces to do. Any tips as to specialized Search and Replace uitilites.
The source document is in Word format. My ideas was to import into Scrivener where it will be RTF format.
(is Scrivener’s default text in RTF?)

If you currently have the document in Word, why wouldn’t you do the search and replace there?

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Word can use Wildcard characters with search and replace, while Scrivener can use PCRE compliant Regular Expressions.

I have many search and replaces to do and some replaces will create more than 1000 chanes. So I am considering some Search and Replace Utilities for extra speed, functionality and parameter control.
(By the way I found Search and Replace a true freeware utiliity today). Thanks.

Thank you very much for this clarification.

If you’re planning to use a third party utility, I would definitely recommend doing that before the Scrivener import. While Scrivener is pretty popular in its specific niche, it has nothing like the global reach and third party support of Word.