Best storyboard program?

Which programs are to recommend to make (offline) storyboards?

Text or you want to doodle too?

Sorry, I am not quite sure to understand, I meant programs to make storyboards like usual with, so with pictures / images, annotations / shots, etc.

I cannot even hold a pencil or even less doodle a stick figure. … templates/

Thank you very much for the link.

Yes, I had seen that page, I just wanted some opinions of others which may work in that business / use such programs.

The problem is that those that use storyboards professionally are most likely rather scarce in here, because although Scrivener is good for scriptwriting, storyboarding is something completely different. Secondly, what you think of apps is usually very personal. I have read numerous descriptions of how wonderful Omni Outliner and DevonThink is, and I like neither. The only solution is to test them. Many of them have trials so you can test. If they don’t they either know that a trial would convince you NOT to buy, or there reputation is so rock solid among professionals they don’t need trials.

Yes, of course, that sounds very plausible.

Testing such (comprehensive) programs appears to be quite complex, so I would have thought to get some basic orientation would be good.

Alright, thank you very much, may be I will try FrameForge or Adobe

This new software for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux has been getting rave reviews from insiders:

Well worth a look!

Kind regards,
Peter Spence

Many thanks, Peter!

Yes, looks great, will try it. And it obviously is free.

While not offline, Boords aims to make the storyboarding process simpler. Could be worth a look. We’ve got a bunch of free templates too, if you prefer to keep things pen and paper.