Best way of cleaning an MB Pro?

Like the title says: what’s the best way of cleaning the outer shell of a MacBook Pro? Mine’s all smudge white and I just seem to move the smudges around when I give it a wipe… And I do love my MB Pro…

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Give it to the wife to clean and when she messes it up walk out in a fury and buy the new Mac Air.

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Just a drop of washing-up liquid - and don’t smoke :slight_smile:

A quick dab of glass cleaner and/or furniture polish should do it. The trick is to spray a tiny amount onto the cloth, not directly onto the machine, then give it a gentle wipe down.

I don’t let glass cleaner anywhere near my MacBook Pro. It can damage the display.

As for furniture polish, that’ll just gum up the gummed up surface.

All you need is a clean microfiber cloths. You can find cheap bundles in the auto supply/cleaning sections of stores. I use these for everything, then just wash and reuse and . . . .

Just make sure you’re using a clean cloth. Put some water on part of it. Wipe. Dry with the dry part of the cloth.

Cheap, easy, environmentally friendly, will remove what doesn’t belong and won’t damage any surface.

BTW, water is the only cleaning method recommended by Apple although the iKlear packets (which have a synthetic paper-type cloths for cleaning and wiping) can be really handy when you’re on the road.

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The glass cleaner was ALMOST right. The reason glass cleaner can damage your display is the ammonia they include.

the best way to clean your [keyboard/screen/casing] is to buy 90% isopropyl alcohol from your local pharmacy (VERY cheap) and dilute it about 1:4 in water (that is, 20% isopropyl, 80% water). Use a little more if it’s particularly dirty.

No smudges, and it cuts through the oily residue your skin leaves. I swipe my keyboard with a paper towel dampened with the mixture about once a week. It also works great on the screen (do NOT use a stronger concentration on the screen).


our Hotpoint Automatic has three settings on it, one for MB and one for MBP and one for Heavy soil MB/MBP :confused:

Ah, I didn’t know that. We’re filthy hippies in our house, and all our cleaning products are organic and stuff, so I don’t think that’s an issue for us…!

Here is my three steps process :

  • Tissues + Water + Bar of soap on the wet tissues (cleaning)
  • Tissues + Water (washing)
  • Tissues (drying)

Easy. Cheap. Efficient.