Best way of transferring projects?

How do you guys go about syncing / transferring projects from one computer (or USB) to another?
I work on both a laptop and a desktop, with Scrivener installed on my USB stick as a “just in case”. (It works, but I wish I didn’t have to activate it on the computer I stick the stick in, but could activate it on the stick instead. :slight_smile:)

Basically, at the moment I copy the folder I work on to the other computer, but I’m worried I’ll corrupt something, so I’m looking for some input. :slight_smile:



Personally, I use the backup-to-zip option with a USB stick as the target, then I unzip the backup into the target directory on the second machine. Or sometimes I email the zipped backup to myself, then access the email from the second machine. I’m an old-fashioned kind of girl! :smiley:

Yeah, I think that’s probably the safest option. :slight_smile:
Gonna do that instead of copy/paste. :slight_smile:

I use dropbox, but you could also use spideroak. I keep my stories in a dropbox folder, and dropbox automatically syncs the files to each computer I use.

I generally transfer projects to my laptop via scp or I zip it up and email it to myself. Hardly high-tech, but gmail works, too. Most projects are way under the 25MB limit.