Best way(s) to capture Internet photos into Scrivener?

If there is a more appropriate place for this post, please move it there. I was tempted to post it in Tips, but there was guidance there that seemed to suggest posting here. Sorry if this is verbose, question can be found at bottom of this note. To be clear, I’m perfectly happy with Scrivener in its current form, am just looking for best way to accomplish this in or alongside Scrivener.

For my current project, I’m collecting lots of photos for a particular city from the 1920s into Scrivener, for retention and convenient reference. That includes always capturing at least the picture and its URL that I got it from and sometimes accompanying text, etc.

After a quick review of Scrivener, I settled on the naive approach of copy/pasting pictures from web browser into documents in Scrivener (two copy/pastes actually, one for the URL and one for the photo). This works, though once get numerous/large photos in one document, Scrivener not surprisingly starts chugging/hesitating.

Other options presumably include bringing the photos in individually as individual photo items, faster PC, bringing in only URL links to the pictures (though then have to deal with Internet browsing speed when whish to view the pictures again) or perhaps keeping/managing photos in some other external application more suited for this. There are apparently apps out there that can strip photos (and their info?) out of web pages and save them to files. The latest version of SnagIt apparently supports doing record keeping for captured images and presumably export of same, but that’s still more steps than I would prefer to have to do.

My naive frustration with the current process of bringing photos in individually as individual photo items (which I’m sure would solve or at least help with the chugging/hesitating) is that it apparently requires first having gotten the photos out of the web browser into OS file system files, which one can then subsequently import or drag in.

I had hoped (and have suggested in Wish List subforum) that direct copy paste from web browser, via OS clipboard, into Scrivener as appropriate type of individual items might be an option. There may be a variety of reasons why this isn’t doable/appropriate/affordable.

QUESTION - So my question is, how do other Scrivener users deal with collecting and managing numbers of Internet (and other) photos/images?

What about right click, copy URL on the photo, then import that into scrivener? If you do web page import, the URL will be displayed at the bottom.

Or: Add the photo normally and put the URL in as a document reference?

I’ve found the best approach is to drag photos from a browser into the binder (the Research folder is a good place, though i’d suggest a separate folder if you have lots of images to import). You can then view the folder in cork board mode to see those photos all on one “page”, but you can get to the original by double-clicking on them. This will be faster to load, and will allow you to drag those photos into documents (from the binder, or from a split editor), or otherwise arrange things as you like.

For your current set of photos that, from what I can tell, you dragged into a single document that has gotten very big and slow to load, if no other methods work, you could use File->Export to export the document with the photos you copied in, and then open that in another word processor, then drag those photos either into Scrivener or into a folder on your computer as an intermediate step to getting them all into Scrivener.

Thanks for the answers.

This is on a Window 7 PC with the Scrivener beta, Norton Internet Security, …

What I found was that could not drag pictures from Internet Explorer 9 into Scrivener, but could from Safari, FireFox and Chrome.

Upgraded to Internet Explorer 10. Could not drag from it, and dragging from Chrome stopped working.

By not working, I mean that IE and Chrome are apparently passing a link of some sort rather than the image itself… Scrivener seems to think those two are feeding it URLs and is trying to import it as plain text. Though can drag from them to desktop.

Anyway, probably due to strangeness on my machine.

Right now, I’m good with being able to drag photos from Safari, FireFox and also Opera (didn’t try it earlier) into Scrivener.

Wish was still working with Chrome (reinstall didn’t help), as I like Chrome’s built in language translation feature (though I assume similar capability is available for the others as plug-ins or some such).