Best Way to Achieve This Custom View....

Hello all,

I am trying (and failing) to create a custom view. Here’s what I want: screen split horizontally, with the corkboard showing top and bottom. I want the top screen to show my Act One, Act Two and Act Three index cards, and I want the bottom half of the screen to show the scene index cards for whichever act I have selected in the top half. I basically want to lock the top half of the screen so that it doesn’t change. I seem to remember when I went through the tutorial, or read the manual, that there is a way to force the bottom screen to open this way when you double click the icon on and index card on the top screen, but I can’t make it happen. I would be so grateful if some patient person would walk me through the steps to achieve this.

I have one more question which I will start in a different thread, so that it’s easy for other users to search and find, with apologies for the barrage of enthusiastic confusion.


Once you have the split set up with the corkboards showing, put the focus in the top editor and then choose View>Editor>Lock in Place. (There’s a keyboard shortcut for this which is worth learning as it’s much faster, but it escapes me at the moment, ironically. I think it’s Alt-Ctrl-L, but the menu will tell you. I’m not on Windows at the moment or I’d check.) Then in the footer of the top editor, click the double arrow button you should see in the bottom left, after the new folder and new document icons; looks like this ⇄. That will turn blue, indicating that the editors are linked, so when you select a document in the top editor, it will open in the bottom editor.

It’s Ctrl + Shift + L to lock the window in place. Your instructions give me the exact relationship of items that I was looking for all morning. And now it seems that maybe what I’m trying to do isn’t possible-- Say I open my document and I want to go back to brainstorming. What I’d like to be able to do is select the top level in the binder, and then apply the custom view, which I have called “corkboard brainstorm.” Then have corkboard appear top and bottom, and I can click index cards on top to get the ones I want on the bottom. But it doesn’t quite work that way. I apply the custom view, and I get a split window, but each window is in whatever view (outline, page, etc.) that I was most recently on. I have to click to get the corkboard. And then (so far) I have to RElock the top editor, which seems to come unlocked in the process. Am I trying to do the impossible? Or just doing it wrong?

Thanks, as always. I knew you’d come through!

Hmm. This should mostly be possible via saved layouts, but at the moment not everything is being saved so I see it does just pick up whatever your current settings are. Right now the extra options for saving corkboard and outliner settings and meta-data options aren’t completely functional, hence the problem. When these are fully implemented, though, you should be able to switch to your saved layout and have the corkboard settings remembered (not the locked editor, as that doesn’t get saved since it’s rather specific, but the linked editor setting will stay) and it should switch to corkboard view for you from whatever you’re currently in. Sorry this isn’t completely there yet, so yes, you will need a few extra clicks or keyboard shortcuts to jump back to corkboard view. I think the linked editor setting will be remembered though just as a general thing, ie. it will exist for that editor until you turn it off. I could be wrong on that, though, I only did brief testing.

No worries. I’m so delighted with the program it’s all gravy- and it is in beta, after all! I’m glad to know it’s not just me. :slight_smile: