best way to add a screenshot?

I can make a screenshot with Command-Shift-3 or 4: it saves a screenshot file on the desktop. Then I have to drag it from the desktop to Scapple. And if it is only needed in Scapple, I have to delete it from the desktop.

It would be much quicker if I could use the Command-Control-Shift-3 or 4 combination - it saves a screenshot to the clipboard. But it does not seem to be possible, to past it directly to Scapple.

Am I doing something wrong? I’m relatively new both to Mac and to Scapple so hopefully this is the case. Maybe there’s some workaround?

I was just about to ask this, but then I figured it out.

Take a screenshot with CMD 3 or CMD 4 and then drag the screenshot and drop it into Scrapple.

Adding the control key to your shortcut copies to the clipboard instead of desktop.
e.g. Control-Command-Shift-4
Also, if you use the Cmd-Shft-4 (or Ctrl-Cmd-Shft-4) and then press the spacebar, it will select the entire window under the cursor.

The ability to paste the image directly into Scapple from the clipboard will be coming with the next update, so you’ll be able to use the fast method then; for now, you’ll need to do the drag and drop route.

Apologies, it was a tough(!) week and I got my apps (Scrivener & Scapple) mixed up.
What’s worse is I didn’t even pick up that parf had already talked about the ctrl key shortcut.

My humble apologies to parf, bennesvig, MimeticMouton and Keith. I should know better than to post advice when so tired. I think I'll just pretend I don't exist for a little while… :blush: