Best way to add a separator between text within a document

Hi, I’m trying to find the best way to add separators between blocks of text that are within chapters (documents). I prefer to keep all these sections within a chapter document, and don’t want to go down the route of splitting them into sub-documents.

At first I was just using three asterisks together with some styling to increase the spacing around them, and made a formatting preset to apply this style to each separator. Sadly, I hadn’t realised that changing the properties of the preset wouldn’t globally effect the text with this formatting applied, so I am looking for a better way to have the ability to change styling on all separators globally if need be.

I was wondering about using the image placeholder tag: <$img:imgName> for adding separators, so that I could have a graphic on a transparent background, and then alter the spacing within that single image file to update all the separators.

Would using a graphic cause any problems when compiling out to ebook? I’m thinking mainly of scaling issues, as I don’t really want to add a width property to the image tag if it is going to be compiled to print books as well as ebook.

Also, is there a way perhaps to call up different separator graphics when it comes to compiling print books and ebooks?

Many thanks,