Best way to add links (URLs) for scenes/chapters?

Simple example: I have a scene where my character is wearing a certain dress, for which I have an online store link that inspired my description, and I want to attach it and a picture to the scene for reference. How best to accomplish this?

For reference: Open the inspector and click on the document bookmarks pane. Add an external bookmark, and paste in the URL to the image/web page.

Alternately, download just the image and drag it into your project’s Research folder, and bookmark the image so that it’s always associated with that chapter. Or paste the image into a “Jen’s character dossier” document and bookmark that document to as many chapters as she’s associated with… there are lots of options.

I do suggest getting a copy of the image into your project though, instead of just a link to a web page; web sites get re-designed and re-organized all the time, especially if it’s a retail page. That image might not be available a month or a year from now.

Thank you so much, I did save the dress image and drag it into my chapter, but I hadn’t used any of the bookmarking and didn’t realize how neat all of it is. Tinkering and learning it now :slight_smile: