Best Way to Copy a Project for Editing and Keeping a "Master" Copy

I’ve got a finished project I’d like to copy so that I could start editing and keep an original untouched copy as a master. I’ve been going throught the FAQs and can’t quite figure out the best way to do this.

I’ve had a couple of crashes in the past where whole swathes of text from multiple chapters has just disappeared, so I’ve always been a bit reluctant to fiddle round too much with my setup in case of disaster.

Any advice gratefully received.

Best way to do it IMO is to create a backup and continue to use the same project you’ve used until now.

No need to Save As.

I recommend same as Krastev. Make a zipped backup, rename the zipped file to something meaningful for the milestone, and move it somewhere safe.

And take snapshots of each document before you start editing it, that way 1) you have easy access to see what it was before you made any changes, and 2) you can easily roll back if you find you need to.

And use Revision Mode (Format > Revision Mode) if it’s available in your version of Scrivener,



Krastev and JimRac thank you very much. I had thought about doing the same myself, but it almost seemed too simple.

Having those lost text in the past I always backup when I finish for the day, both locally and externally. I han’t thought about a ‘milestone’ rename for the backup, that’s a great idea as well.

Thank you. I wasn’t aware of that. Sorry about this, dumb question, is there a snapshot option in the toolbar?

You can edit the toolbar. I’m prety sure you can add a button to take snapshots. Besides, there is a shotcut for it.

Yes, there’s a button that can be added to the Main Toolbar. The menu option is under Documents > Snapshots. Display the Inspector and go to the Snapshots tab to see where the Snapshots are kept.

If you go to the menubar and select ‘Customise Toolbars’, you can choose what you would like to appear on your ribbon/toolbar and how you would like it to appear, using appropriately placed separators.

Many thanks, much appreciated!

Excellent! Thank you AussieDoc.