Best way to go back and forth from pc laptop to mac desktop?

After a week I’m hooked on Scrivener for dealing with manuscripts (still prefer Final Draft for screenplays 'cause they are so structure intense you need to always know your current page). As of right now though, I don’t have an mac lap top. So what’s the best way to go back and forth from a Mac desktop to a PC laptop?

I tried searching the forums but three pages in I wasn’t having much luck. My instincts tell me to simply export whatever chapter(s) I plan to work on into a single word document. Then when I come back to scrivener, cut and past the scenes to their proper place. The more scenes you have the more annoying this will be, but I can’t think of a better way to do it. What do most people do?

Can you say more about why you need to go back and forth between Mac and PC?
Otherwise, I’d say just install a copy of FD 8 on your Mac.
In general, start with Scrivener (even for screenplays)
But finish on a word-processor (or Final Draft)
Several recent threads discuss the S-FD relation.

Working on a manuscript (not screenplay) in scrivener on a desktop mac. Want to be able to work on it outside of home on my pc laptop. Obviously, the laptop can’t run scrivener. I’m looking for the most efficient way on a daily basis to go back and forth between the two computers while still using scrivener when at home.

If it was me, I would do my best to keep it simple.

I’d probably maintain the “master” project in Scrivener on the Mac, and simply work on scenes or shorter pieces in Word on the PC, saving them in RTF, transferring them via USB stick, DropBox or some such on a daily basis and inserting them in the Scrivener project via drag and drop. I wouldn’t try to round-trip the entire manuscript — far too tedious.


I agree with Hugh, keep it simple.
You could make a PDF of your Draft folder contents.
Transfer to the PC laptop, use for reference.
Then write new stuff, and always save in RTF.
That makes for easy import into Scrivener on the Mac.
Each time you revise on Mac, make a new PDF for laptop.
In an alternate universe, you’d buy a Mac laptop.
The refurbished models at Apple are good deals.
And they have warranties.

I plan on getting a macbook this fall, but that’s a few months away.

Is there a reason it’s better to go RTF instead of a word document? (never used RTF before so although I know it’s a file type, not exactly sure what benefit it serves)

RTF is more portable and the importer KB uses likes RTF. DOC is M$ proprietary.

RTF it is. Thanks.

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