Best way to handle series / multi-part movies?

How could one organize / handle series / multi-part movies? Should one use a single project for the same series / multi-part movies or different projects for each episode / movie (of a multi-part movie)?

This is almost a how long is a piece of string sort of question, by which I do not mean to be facetious, but I think it depends on how large your individual projects will be. If they are indeed very large and ungainly, then it would probably be an idea to create separate projects saved within one large folder.

For a commonality of keywords and project structure, etc, etc, it might be an idea to create a template from the first project and use the template for the sequels. Save a back up first.

Everyone has their own way of working and it is probably best if you experiment and find what works for you.

Many thanks.

Actually I would not think it (only) depends on the size of the project(s). Even when you have small series / multi-part movies projects you would have to create / copy all of the (same) characters / may be locations / information / data to the separated projects and organize / manage them. If you change characters, names, locations, etc. you have to do it in each single project they occur again.

And a series / multi-part movies in a single project might be / become (extremely) confusing and inconvenient to manage.

So if one could separate series / multi-part movies within a single project it would be good, but there does not seem to be an option doing it.

Alright, I will try it, many thanks again

Perfectly possible … create separate folders for each part. You could make them the top-level under your draft folder and then select/deselect as necessary at compile time; or you could merely select the one you want to compile and in the Compile dialog choose “Current Selection”; or you can create them outside the draft folder and move the one you want to compile into the draft at compile time; or other people may have other ways of achieving this.

Scrivener is very flexible. It imposes a minimum amount on the user, so each user can find the way of achieving the results that they want in the way that suits them. There is no "This is how you have to do it.


Alright, I will try it as you described it, Thank you very much, Mark