Best way to handle sidebars and pull-quotes in a ms?

Hello Friends,

I have a manuscript I am editing and wish to designate some portions of it to be placed into sidebars or “pull-quote” blocks. What is the best way to designate these in Scrivener?

Note that Scrivener itself cannot create these formatting elements for you, so the answer is “whatever makes these passages easier to identify in your layout tool.”

If it were my manuscript, I would treat the pull quotes as figures. That is, I would use bold face or some other unique formatting to identify them, and place them in the body text at the desired location.

I would put sidebars in separate subdocuments, and use “Sidebar:” in the title to help identify them. Then I’d put them at either the end of the relevant section or at the end of the manuscript.


Thank you, Katherine, for a most helpful reply.


On further reflection, I might put the pull quotes into separate sub-documents, too. It really depends on how the process of finalizing the layout is going to work, though, so you might do a few short test documents to see what approach works best for you (or your designer).


Thanks for this advice, it validates what I started to do in my binder with sidebars. However, are there future plans to create this capability with the software? From an organization standpoint it works in Scrivener, but what I am concerned about is when all this is compiled for submission. Any new tips/tricks would also be appreciated.

No, there are no plans to transform Scrivener into a full-service layout engine.

Plenty of tools like that already exist, and Scrivener was created in part because those tools are not very friendly environments for writing.