Best way to include PDF files in draft

I’m using Scrivener for Windows to document software that I’ve modified for work. The output files produced by this process are only available to me in PDF format, but I want to include those reports in an Appendix once I compile. Is there a recommended way of accomplishing this on Windows without purchasing something?

I was thinking that since PDF isn’t embeddable into a document, that I might be able to convert each page to a jpg or something like that, but I’m not sure what image format will produce the sharpest resolution, or how I can get each image to fill most of the final page. Before I go chasing down too many rabbit holes, I thought I’d avail myself of the collective expertise of the forums to flatten my learning curve.

Specifically, I need help with the following:

  • Software (preferably free) to convert PDF to some image format
  • Recommendations on which image format is best for my purposes
  • Compile settings or other work-arounds in Scrivener to keep the images close to full size on the page


Add to the list: the PDF conversion software should be able to bulk crop the pages so that you don’t end up with doubled margins and page numbers, too.

As for image format; it’s the resolution and size that will be most important. You’ll need to know the printer’s native resolution, and size the images so that they fit within the margin block 6.5/9 or whatever without any scaling. These are going to be fairly huge though, and if there are a lot of pages that could really bog down the project and the compiler. It might be better to look for something that can combine PDF files. Compile your stuff as PDF, then merge it with the appendix PDFs.