Best Way To Incorporate Edits From Multiple Readers?

I’ve found Scrivener a lovely tool for writing my first book. I’ve now given a compiled draft to various friends to read. They are sending comments back, mostly in MS Word with “show revisions” but also in Google Docs. It seems to me I have 2 options in doing revisions:
Method 1: Accept/reject changes in a reader’s word doc, import into scrivener, overwrite text. Repeat for next reader, then compare snapshots to make sure I didn’t lose a good edit from the first user’s comments.
Method 2: Manually review each edit in each word doc and update the scrivener master file manually (e.g. type in edits to Scrivener) as I go.

It seems like Method 1 would work best from a single editor but Method 2 would be best to use with multiple readers providing feedback and edits, as in my case.

I’ve never done this before so any thoughts from people who have already edited from multiple users would be really appreciated.

Some readers send back useful ideas, edits, revisions. None, however, sends back a suggested change exactly the way I would present it. Helpful, but not my style. Needs to be edited, re-written, or ignored.

Those are things only you can do.

So Method 2: review all suggestions, note those which you think valid, and using those notes — in whatever form is convenient — go through your MS and edit.

Which is to say, finally, it is your book. Don’t expect — or allow — anyone else to write it.


I imported reviewers’ commented copies into the research section of Scrivener, then opened each copy in its own QuickReference window while I worked through my text in the main editing window. If I just wanted to work through one editor’s comments, then I used a split window with their copy in one window and mine in the other.

Note: if they have used track changes in Word (or Google) then it may be worth changing the formatting of all their changes (changing the colour of their text is simplest) before importing so that they are clearly identifiable in Scrivener. While Scrivener will show comments and annotations, it cannot show track changes.