Best way to make subtitles for parts

Hi there,

My new book is divided in 10 parts (Chapter Heading, folder symbol), each part containing several chapters (scenes, textfile symbol). The chapters have simple titles, no problem there.
For the parts however, I’d like to have both a title, and a subtitle consisting of a location and date, that show up on the line below the title.
‘Lorem ipsum,
New York, 1990’
Rest of that page would be blank. The chapters start on their own page.

Of course I could put title and location+date on the same line, but that wouldn’t look nice.
The other thing I tried was limiting the chapter name to ‘Lorem ipsum’, and putting the location and date as actual text in the editor. But then they won’t show up in the binder, which is kind of annoying.

Maybe I’m overthinking this, or just missing something obvious. Can anyone help me out here?

What I would do is name the file what you want to see in the binder.

Type the title etc. the way you want it to compile, in the editor. (Use styles, so the formatting won’t later be global and dictated by the section layout at compile.)

Tweak a section type / section layout that won’t output the actual file name as the title.

The only problem I see with this is if you need to build a TOC. For an Ebook, for e.g. (In which case I’m afraid you just can’t have your subtitle in the binder. Or you’ll have to edit it out at some point.)

Perhaps you could use custom metadata and placeholders to elaborate some way for the “short title” to rather be used for the TOC and everything at compile (I am not even fully certain for the TOC), but I honestly don’t think that even then it’d be any less trouble than editing the final output.

Thank you, Vincent. I hadn’t even thought about the TOC.
I think for now I’ll stick with naming the chapter ‘Lorem ipsum’, and having the location and date as text in the editor (italic, aligned right).
When I hover the cursor over the title ‘Lorem ipsum’, it shows the first line of the text, so I can still see that date and location. That sort of takes care of that inconvenience. I was just wondering if it was possible to edit the view of the Binder so that you could see text as well.

For now I don’t think showing in the TOC ‘Lorem ipsum, New York, 1990’ is as appealing als just showing ‘Lorem ipsum’ and having the location and date on the Part page. But if I change my mind about that, you’re right, it’ll be easiest to change the final product