Best way to move Scrivener styles to a new computer...?


I’m moving Scrivener 3 from one Mac to another…I’ve exported and imported preferences but I cannot seem to find a way to export styles I’ve created into my new Scrivener installation on the new computer.

Would anyone know how I might do this ?

I’ve looked at other posts and found reference to a styles.plist file but can’t locate it for Scriv 3, so I’m thinking that might have been a feature of an earlier Scriv version…?

Any suggestions much appreciated.

Style settings are project based in V3, so you shouldn’t have to do anything specific to have access to them in the same project on another device. Just open the project on the new device and they should all be there. (This applies equally to the metadata settings, like Labels, Statuses, keywords etc, as well as any custom compilation settings you’ve saved to the project.)

But if you do want to import the styles from one project to a different one, then use the command ‘Import Styles’, which can be found on Styles Panel (ctl-s) > Gear icon menu.


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