Best way to organize non-fiction research

I have transcribed a massive amount of information from interviews into one long document. I want to break that document down into small chunks and place each of those chunks into a file that will correspond to a particular scene, theme, or chronological moment in the story. Within each of those chunks I need to know the source of that information–who said it and on what date.
When I am writing a scene, I want to have all the information about that scene from all of my sources together.
What is the best way to do this? After viewing the tutorials it is still a bit unclear what’s the best way to proceed. I used to use factlets in word.
Thank you,
Sonia Nazario

This sounds like a good use for custom meta-data. You can create columns using the standard project meta-data settings panel, and then show these in the outliner, search by them, and even sort by them. So it would be possible to insert the source info into the inspector. For quickly collecting everything together for a scene, if you have a common link between them all, Collections sound like a good move, especially since you can create them off of search results easily. Once in the collection, you can focus just on the material you need, blocking out the rest of the binder.