Best Way to Show Images Next to Text - Tables?


My book has a postscript as the novel is based on a true story.

I used the TABLES option to place an image on the left (first column) of the real person, and a second column next to the image, I tell people what happened to them.

It looks great within the program. However, after compiled, the tables formats have shifted. The image and text overlap.

I did use the “AS-IS” feature when compiling; yet the issue persists.



You might want to use the Page View feature to make sure that the table will actually fit within the page you’ve specified.

Also, if you’re compiling to one of the ebook formats, you should be aware that it is essentially impossible to force an ebook table to a certain size. It will automatically reflow to whatever page size the ebook reader specifies, even if that’s too small for the table’s contents.


Thank you for the heads up and suggestion.