Best way to sync between 2 devices?

Hello everybody,

this is my first post in this forum and I hope i will do everything okay…
I have following problem and I wanted to ask you, which is the best way to solve it.
I have to Windows devices, one tower pc and one laptop. On both I want to install scrivener to write at the same projects.
What is the best way to sync my projects between the devices?
I have following ideas:

  • I have a nextcloud (fork of owncloud which is a selfhosted cloud) where i can sync my projects with?
  • Copy the projects on a USB stick, work on the USB Stick and save them often to have a backup
  • Third alternative maybe a suggestion of you? :slight_smile:

Both alternatives has some disadvantages:
First: They are at the internet and i’m a fried of local data. I don’t want that data which has not be at the internet are at the internet…
Second: It’s uncomfortable?

Would be happy about some ideas and experiences. Also if this sync already will work?
Thanks for your help and sorry fpr my bad english!


I use Dropbox. Keeps the files safe and secure, plus it is the best way I’ve found to sync both my PC and laptop. Just make sure you don’t have the same scrivener files open on both at the same time.

You may want to read the Knowledge Base articles under Cloud Syncing.

Also, to second the other poster, Drop Box works great. There are other Cloud Services that will also work well with Scrivener, for instance some folks here have used Cubby successfully. But there are other services, like OneDrive or iCloud, that do not work well with Scrivener’s multiple file architecture and should be avoided.

Whether you go with Drop Box or Cubby or some other service that works with Scrivener’s multiple file architecture, always remember to follow the process below.

Device A

  1. When you are done working in Scrivener on this device, Close your Scrivener project
  2. Wait until the cloud service sync is complete on this device

Device B
3) Wait until the cloud service sync is complete on this device
4) Open your Scrivener project on this device and start working

It doesn’t matter how many Device B’s there are. The process is the same. People only get into sync trouble if they don’t follow this process.

Hope that helps,

Thank you both for your answers, thats helps a lot!

But a questions @JimRac:

How should I use it?
At the knowledge basis it’s written to save the project at the cloud service folder…
Would it also be possible to sync the project about the Sync option at scrivener?
So that I would have my project in a local folder and in my local cloud folder? :slight_smile:


Hi exesus,

To use Drop Box, you need to install the Drop Box app onto your PC #A. The Drop Box app creates a local Drop Box folder on your PC #A. Any files that you put in that local Drop Box folder will be uploaded to the Drop Box cloud storage - so the files will exist in two places – on you local hard drive and in the Drop Box cloud.

Then go to PC #B and download & install the Drop Box app, using the same Drop Box account registration that you used on PC #A. Then PC #B will also have access to the Drop Box files – they will exist in three places.

It is the Drop Box app’s responsibility to keep those files in sync on PC #A, PC #B, and the Drop Box cloud storage – you don’t have to do anything special with Scrivener besides open and close your projects.

But it is your responsibility to only open those files on one PC at a time, and to wait for syncing to finish before you try to access them.

Hope that answers your question and makes it clearer. Check out this post, where similar topic was also discussed: [url]]