Best way to tag text?

I want to tag specific text (not the entire document) so I can jump back to it later. For example, every time my character thinks about chocolate milkshakes, even if he only thinks “cold ice cream-based cocoa beverage with a straw”, I could tag that as a chocolate milkshake reference. Then later I could jump around to see if he is thinking of chocolate milkshakes too frequently, inconsistently, repetitively, etc. I would like to do this with more than one topic-- let’s say he thinks about chocolate milkshakes, pterodactyls, and Sally, but randomly throughout the story.

I found the thread about using “comments” to do this:
but my problem is that I can’t manage these from a high level-- I can’t filter Comments to just show me all of the “chocolate milkshake” comments and ignore the pterodactyls and Sally. Also, it would be nice (for example) to assign each milkshake reference a brown color and pterodactyls green, but that would require assigning the color to the comment each time. I can drag comments over as I can the keywords, but only if they already exist in that document, so that would require reviewing my entire project with everything dumped into the Editor at once, right? Ideally I would have a floating “Comments” HUD.

I also considered using “bookmarks” for this, but they weren’t working quite right for me. If I added any text into the blue oval (such as “chocolate milkshakes”), the View >> Text bookmarks option could no longer find them. View >> Text bookmarks only worked if the bookmarks were blank, but then I had these long rambling sentences to look at, vs a simple keyword.

So basically, I agree with rvdparis that the ability to add keywords to text would be amazingly useful, and in lieu of that, I would love to hear any tips on how I could make this work best for me.

Thank you!!