Best way to track characters etc.?

Current;y, I am using color-coded labels to track progress, for example “First Draft” is a yellow label, “Revised Draft” is green, etc. But I also am wanting to track which characters appear in a scene, and whose POV is predominant. Do people use Keywords and/or Project Notes for this? And is there a way to get an overview of this information? Thank you

Keywords work very well, since there are potentially many characters to track in any given chapter/scene.

The definitive guide can be found here: … -keywords/

Pay attention to the advice to eliminate spaces from your keywords (YouCanDoThis or_you_can_do_this), explained in the article. Another thing I did was to organize all those keywords, in the keywords pop-up window. I nested each character’s “mentioned” keyword under their “present” keyword to declutter the list.