Best way to turn off folder sync

I’m wondering what the best practice is to turn off the folder sync from a project I’m now done with. I’ve been syncing to PlainText on a project, but I don’t want it to appear any more. I assume I could delete the folder from PlainText, but then it would automatically recreate it next time I open the project in Scrivener, wouldn’t it?

You can just delete the folder that you’re syncing to. It won’t affect the documents in Scrivener and Scrivener won’t recreate it unless you add it fresh–ie, if you go to attempt the sync again, it will tell you the destination is invalid (since the folder doesn’t exist) and you’ll have to redo the settings and create the new sync folder yourself. Moving or retitling the folder will have the same effect, if you don’t want to get rid of the files in it.

Scrivener doesn’t automatically sync, though if you have the preferences set to alert you to changes in the external sync folder when you open the project, that might have gotten you in the habit of running the sync as soon as you started. Invalidating the filepath will prevent this message from popping up, since Scrivener has no way of knowing there were changes if it can’t get there. :wink:

Yup, just delete the folder from PlainText when you are done with it, or on your Mac using the Finder. Think of this feature more in terms of what it is actually doing: creating files and folders on your computer. It is a series of tools for making the job of integrating external revisions easy, using nothing but files and folders.

Delete the files and folders and you have no “feature”.