Best way to upgrade?

I am using Scrivener 1.54 on Mac OS 10.7.3 and would like to upgrade. The upgrade prompt within my Scrivener is offering to sell me v. 2.0. Do I need to do a two-step upgrade: first upgrade to 2.0 and then to the latest (non-beta) version? Or can I do my upgrade to the current version in one step?

Also, I want to put a new install of Scrivener on a second Mac desktop in my house–the one my husband uses. What is the best way to do that? I currently have Scrivener on my MacBook Air and my desktop Mac.

And lastly, I would like to be able to use my iPad for writing when I am on the road and am seeking a little guidance on the best way to accomplish that. I also have an iPhone 4s that is running iOS 5.0.1–by choice.

Many thanks for putting out such brilliant products!

I’d be really surprised if it downloaded version 2.0 instead of the latest and greatest. But if you’re concerned about download time/costs, I’d just download the Mac “Free Trial” here: and copy that downloaded file to your other mac while you’re at it. Then install it on both systems.

The only difference between full & trial versions is the elimination of the upgrade prompts & the 30-day trial period when you enter the license, so you can do this first if you want, and you’ve got at a minimum, 30 days to pay for the upgraded license.

Buy the upgrade here: … remail.htm
and use it to fully enable the version 2 installations on all your machines. I think the limit is 5 macs in your house. (Oh, it’s 10 machines, not 5: … ultiplereg)

There’s some discussion on the forums regarding syncing to iphone/ipad apps, but I’d start with the web videos ( scroll to the bottom, they’re the last 3, starting with “Folder Sync”), then go to the manual (Help->Manual) for more details.

One thing you didn’t ask, but is important: The first time you open an old project in version 2, it will upgrade the project, creating a version 1-compatible backup–I suggest you create a folder for these backups, just so they’re not in the way anymore. Also, you should use Finder to create a saved search of all files ending in “.scriv”, so you can find all your old projects and convert them, just to future-proof them.

It isn’t possible to upgrade to 2.x from within 1.54; the dialog that pops up the update message should indicate that you must go to the website and download 2.x from there, since it is a paid upgrade and we didn’t want anyone upgrading without realising and then getting bumped into trial mode. So, as Robert suggested, just go to the Mac download page and grab the appropriate trial version (currently 2.3) to install. (You can drag your 1.54 version of the application to the Trash before moving the new one into your Applications folder.) Once you’ve gotten your new 2.x license, which you can get from the online store at the $25 upgrade price by choosing the “upgrade from 1.x” option, just choose “Enter license” from the trial pop-up when you launch Scrivener (or choose the registration option from the Scrivener menu if you’re already running in trial mode) and enter your serial name and number to remove the trial time lock. Thank you for supporting Scrivener!