Best way to work with outliner items

With my current projects, I like to go really fine grain with the outlines. But that leaves me with a long list of single items, many of which are only going to become single sentences or short paragraphs.

I’m wondering how you guys work with outlines.
Do you leave them as they are (e.g. by using “merge”, which puts them into a folder) and do the actual writing in a new text file? Or do you combine them into a single text when you’re done?

I use a hierarchy to organise all of the smaller pieces. So I might have a larger division, one that will be visible when I export with a title and page break (optionally), but beneath that there will be groupings of items based on their topic or whatever is convenient. All of this can be effectively “hidden” when compiling, so the reader only gets a block of text where in my Binder I might have dozens of items organised into several layers of depth.

There isn’t really a right way of doing it though, so I’d suggest just using whatever outlining method is most comfortable for you. The compiler, and the Binder items themselves, can be set up to work with just about any method, no matter how “messy” or ordered it may be.

As for merging, I rarely ever do that. I’d rather keep things agile and point-by-point as possible within Scrivener. Of course, that’s a personal choice as well, and if you are creating items down to the paragraph, it may be useful to eventually merge those into files up to a level that is more comfortable to work with, once the section’s finer details have been worked out.