Best word processing software I've ever used

Thank you for Scrivener. I haven’t been using it long but already it’s made my life so much easier.

I’m a pro novelist and have been stuck using evil Word because it’s the industry standard. I can’t express how much I hate it. (No! I don’t want to write a legal document! No! This is NOT a letter!) Scrivener is intuitive, flexible and allows me to see my work in a variety of different modes that make writing easier and more pleasurable. Thank you. For once the software is enhancing the writing experience, not getting in the way.

I came to Scrivener through recommendations from many writer friends. Being able to switch back and forth between single chapters and the whole document is brilliant. I also like being able to work on the novel while looking at source material in the split screen. The no-distractions full-screen mode is also genius.

I could go on for ages. Today I introduced my husband, also a novelist, to Scrivener. He too is smitten.

Thanks so much for all your work. We really appreciate it.

Thank you. :slight_smile: And yes, Word drives me nuts when it says “You seem to be writing a letter” - or, even worse, when I type a year, hit return and it adds a month and day without even asking me. Grr. Anyway…

Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad Scrivener is proving useful to you.

All the best,

For those who haven’t been completely liberated from Word, it’s useful to know that many of its most annoying features can be turned off. In fact, I follow a scorched earth policy, turning off everything unless I know that I have used it in the past.

One of the most annoying features, of course, is that annoying features can be hidden in more than a dozen different places. To de-annoy Word, you’ll need to look in:
Word/Preferences (12 screens!)
View/Toolbars and View/Toolbars/Customize
Format/AutoFormat/options (4 screens!) (Duplicated by Tools/AutoCorrect)
Tools/Customize (optional)
Help/Use the Office Assistant (no menu, just a toggle on/off)

Needless to say, this can take some time, but it’s well worth it.


True, you can turn everything off, but the trouble is that I tend to use Word on at least 17 different computers (given that I can end up on any of 15 different PCs in our ICT suite). :slight_smile:

Anybody know how to tie that %$££&$%$§-ing little talking paperclip into a knot?

Wouldn’t that be nice?

I couldn’t resist posting this film in which Clippy gets his comeuppance.

Caution - strong language.


aww poor little clip :cry:

I’d like to see a way to melt him down, and watch his eyes pop. And I only use word when a client sends me stuff in it (usually images - why is this?? Just send me the bloody image without the word wrapper!)