Best Workflow needed: Export Scrivener text to Wordpress


I spend some time on the web and inside the forum but actually I did not find the answer to my question.

I planning to use Scrivener as my “central repository” for my blog posts and also to be able to export the page(s) anytime to PDF, ebook etc.
This blog is an internal one, kind of tutorial with many links & screenshots and other images per each post.

I love the idea of using markdown for the easy writing but it’s not really an option as I may receive word documents for import and I really miss the other export (compile) formats which are offered for non markdown documents.

So that brings me to the point that I’ll prepare the blog post with links, images and text as “normal” scrivener format.

But what is the best (or easiest) way to export this page into a similar formatted blog post in word press?



WordPress lets you paste a Word document directly into its editor pane. So that’s what I do: compile to Word from Scrivener, then copy and paste into WordPress.


I use markdown, but curious…why compile to Word rather than to HTML?

I tried HTML and Markdown, but for me it doesn’t work, as I want the complete import (incl. images) in one step and not just the code.

I tried HTML Import 2 as a plugin, but it seems it works for the images only when the HTML is located on the webserver, so for me currently no option as too many steps needed.

I’ll check if the “copy and paste” the word content will include the images…if not I’ll try the word export via scrivener and import to wordpress via “Document Importer”.

A direct link for publishing the complete post (incl. Images) from Scrivener to wordpress would be the perfect option, but I see only the requests in the forum and not sure if there is something on the roadmap.



Copy and paste won’t include images (or it never has for me) as WordPress needs the images uploaded separately.

I upload images to WordPress and then write in MMD, referencing the images as I work in Scrivener. Also use Marked ( … 1187?mt=12) to preview the MMD and to export to other formats if necessary.

No particular reason. Word was already part of my workflow when I started contributing to this particular site, and I find WYSIWYG formatting easier to read than raw HTML on those occasions when I need to make post-Scrivener tweaks.


Thanks for the insight. Always eager to learn. :smiley: