Beta 0.2.2 and expire date

I just update Scrivener from release 0.2.1 to 0.2.2 but I see that while in the website the expire date is 15th May 2011 in the release installed in my pc I read “Scrivener is in Beta and will stop working after 30 day of use or after 15th May 2011”.

Probably I need to use Scrivener every day and my question is: if I use Scrivener every day it stop to work after 30 days (due date 10 May 2011) or it stop to work on 15th May ? and if stop to work after 30 days I’m force to stop my work until the 15 May waiting for the following release ?



You should see a “Reset Trial” button which will allow you to continue working past the 30 days. Lee’s just testing out some of the trial coding, as he explained in his April 9th post.