Beta 0.2.5 - An Issue that wasn't

I tried the previous beta (0.2.4) for a couple of days and being impressed with the functionality and ease of use decided to import my current projects into Scrivener. Easy enough and a good result. Productivity up, one happy puppy.

Bummer, the beta expired after a week of use. No problem I downloaded the tgz file and installed the latest beta (0.2.5). Simple and I was soon ready to see what the differences were.

Everything was there, my current project with the research, notes etc. However when I went into the editor, nothing was visible. On the corkboard, everything was visible. Where the hell did my text go ? I checked the project file directory and the text files were there. I checked to see if there was a problem with permissions, with a path variable being changed. Was the version correct? In all I spent a worrying 50 minutes or so checking all sorts of things, reading all the posts here for similar issues.

Sometimes it’s the simple things you should check first. :blush:
Somehow, after upgrading, the text colour option had changed from black to white. A simple thing to correct. And behold, my text is back. :smiley:

I swallow my pride in telling this here, as a computer professional and experience linux user, but sometimes, just sometimes an issue has a very simple solution. :unamused: So should anyone else suffer the same fate, first thing, check the text colour in the options. You may just save yourself 45 minutes of worry. :confused:


Yeah, that’s a freaky one to have happen. I haven’t had it happen with the windows/wine version in awhile, although it seems to happen more frequently with the linux native version.

I have that happen almost every time I start it up. One of the colors is usually off since version 23.
It is easy to fix. I have gotten used to going to options and loading the settings I’ve saved almost every time I use Scrivener.

It might be nice to have a little more stability with that and the rest of the appearance, some of which seems not to work, if at all possible. All in all, though, since this is a beta, it is not a big deal. I am sure it will get fixed eventually. :confused: