Beta 022 crashes in scrivenings mode.

When viewing a section (of a chapter) of my project (thesis) in scrivenings mode, it crashed twice after highlighting text.

I highlighted a section of text I wanted to copy to another section of the chapter. In this case it was from a sub-section, and I copied by highlighting and pressing ctrl+c. Still in scrivenings mode, I then inserted the cursor in the text of the main document (i.e. the one that the sub-section was a sub-section of, so this is my introduction to the following sub-sections) and pressed ctrl+v. It pasted the section. I then highlighted the quote again, thinking to change the font. Scrivener crashed. I also had dropbox running the background uploading something, and I am editing my scrivener file directly in the dropbox folder.

I closed scrivener, reopened, did the same thing. Fine.
THen I highlighted the quote I had just copied, changed the font. Fine.

Then I moved up a level, so scrivenings mode was open for the whole chapter and not just the section I was working on. I highlighted the text in the main document again (the introduction to the whole chapter) and tried to change the font. Scrivener crashed. Dropbox seemed to have finished its task then, but I was still running from the dropbox folder. (not sure if this is relevant or not!)


I have a similar problem.

I’ve found this same bug, and been able to establish the following process to make it repeatable:

  1. folder and click the synopsis/ scrivenings button to see the full document as a single screen
  2. click on one of the document elements in the left-hand list
  3. click within the document to get a cursor
  4. Type

As soon as I try step four, Scrivener crashes. I’m running WinXP, testing Beta 022.

The current beta is 023, and there were some fixes regarding Scrivner crashing when editing folder text, which may have affected this. Could you download the new beta and see if it corrects the issue? (You should definitely download the new beta in any case, as it fixed some critical issues. Be sure to completely uninstall the previous version and then do a clean install of 023. Notes on the release here.) Thanks!