Beta 023 .deb available

Thanks a lot! I got it to work now. :smiley:

I’m getting a weird error… Scrivener opens just fine, doesn’t print any error messages to the terminal. But the editor just shows a gray screen. I’ve attached a screenshot. I’ve installed 0.23 using the .deb from cwoac. It also did this same thing when I installed “by hand” from the source.

I’m using Ubuntu 10.04

ETA: It was just the font colors. Changing the color preferences fixed it.

EDIT: Here’s the .deb that I put together for 2.3 that installs and works on my system.
Nothing fancy, but it installs and runs. Any idea why the other one wouldn’t work for me on 64-bit?

Hm… On Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit I get a wrong architecture error when trying to install via gdebi or software center. Is there a separate deb for 64-bit this time around and I just missed it? If not, I’ll just unpack the tarball and make a universal deb.

Yeah, my bad. The scripts which setup the basic dir assume you are building for the running architecture. you could have installed with --ignore-architecture (I think that that is the option).

Quick random update. I investigated making a proper .deb that doesn’t use the static libraries, but the system ones instead. No dice - complains about missing symbols, so they are compiling in something non-standard into the libs (or using a feature not in the debian 6 versions).