BETA 029 - Cannot view secure PDFs

I am using Scrivener to manage a large technical document. Several of these documents are Secure PDFs with identifying watermarks. When I try to view these secure PDFs from within Scrivener, I can see the watermark, the contents of the first page, but not the contents of any other pages.

I am able to open the secure PDF in an external viewer (I use Adobe Reader 9) and am able to view the contents of all pages (along with the identifying watermak).

Will Scrivener support viewing secure PDFs within Scrivener or will that be supported only through external PDF viewers/editors?

I’m passing this on to Lee for investigation, but I’m sure it’s related to the third-party tool used currently for PDFs, so how quickly this is changed will depend on what’s available from them or what other PDF libraries Lee is able to include with Scrivener. I’m sure it’s something that we would like to have, but I expect it’s going to be some time before this can get thoroughly dealt with–not until after the 1.0 release, and then I’m not sure how long after that. So for now your best option will be to use the external viewer, but hopefully this will be improved in the future.

MM - Okay. Thanks for the response. This is by no means a blocker - Scrivener is a great tool that is a tremendous boost to my organization and productivity.