Beta 029 Crashing on Opening/Creating Projects

Hi all,

As many of you have already experienced (given that I’m so late to posting a sticky :blush: ), there’s a bug in the 029 beta that’s causing Scrivener to crash for some users when trying to open multiple projects or open a project from the New Project window–this includes creating a new project, since new projects are then automatically opened. It also includes opening the interactive tutorial, since that’s simply a project that you work through. Thanks to a bunch of users who were experiencing this and took some extra time to provide Lee additional crash reports, Lee is busily working on a fix for this. For now, there are two basic workarounds:

  1. By default, Scrivener will automatically open your most recently opened project on program launch. (You can adjust this in Tools>Options… under the General tab, once you get a project open.) If you have Scrivener set this way, then after the initial crash when you attempt to create or open a project, when you next launch Scrivener, that project will automatically open and you’ll be able to work in it. If you try to open or create another project, Scrivener will crash again, but when you next launch it will open that new project.

  2. With Scrivener, closed, you can open a project directly from Windows Explorer by navigating into the project’s .scriv folder and double-clicking the project.scrivx file. (Projects are saved in your Documents folder by default, though you may have saved them somewhere else–you can use the Windows search feature to hunt them up if you’re not sure where you saved them.) You’ll still only be able to open a single project at a time, but if you regularly switch among projects this may be a more convenient option. Note that in this case you might do better to turn off the option to have Scrivener automatically open the most recently opened project, since you may end up with Scrivener trying to open two projects (the .scrvix you clicked on and whatever project you’d last had open) and crashing.

In addition to the crash problem, users experiencing this also are unable to successfully create a project from the “blank” template in the new project window. All other templates work fine, and once you’ve got your project created you can always delete or overwrite documents or folders to start out with a blank project.

If you are experiencing this bug, please leave a post below to let me know. (If you’ve already been contacted earlier re: testing for the fix, then you don’t need to comment as I already know who you are. :wink:) Thank you for your patience!

Hi there - didn’t know if this twist had been reported yet, so thought I would log in. The only project I can open is the “Getting Started” one provided with the software. Anything else crashes the program; upon restart, Scrivener will either report that the project isn’t in the right version of Scrivener OR simply doesn’t exist.


Russ Whaley

Can I have the latest estimate of when this might be fixed please?

Looking like early next week, barring devastating issues. I’ll let people with the error know when there’s a new beta to try.

Update: Modified the original post, mainly to say that if you are experiencing this bug, please leave a comment here so that I can gather a list of everyone with this crash. Thanks!


Further to your message, please add me to the list of people experiencing the problem.


Me as well. But I presume you’ve already added me to the list.

Hi, I’m also experiencing this problem.

’ nother add to the list…

I’m also consistently getting crashes with Beta 029 on Windows Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 2 & all updates installed.

Having the same problem.

I don’t know if you have me down, so I’ll ask for inclusion on the list! Thanks!

Russ Whaley

I’ve had my only ever crashes when copy&paste of data to the Document notes … (unrelated to the topic in hand…)

Opening a saved project crashes Scrivener also for me.

Oh good. I was afraid it was just me. So this is scheduled to be fixed soon, then?

Could you start a new thread in the Bug Hunt forum with all the details of your crash so I can try to reproduce this? It will be easier in a new thread, as this one is specifically for the multiple-projects crash.

I assume you’re getting all the symptoms of this crash–ie, you can open the saved project successfully if it loads automatically when you launch Scrivener or if you double-click the .scrivx to open it (rather than going through the New Project panel or Open in the file menu)?

Yes, I’m happy to say that after leading Lee a merry chase, this bug seems to be eradicated in the latest internal build, so the beta out next week will have this fixed!

I know a certain user whose day will be made at hearing that…


This happened to me, and since I have never used Scrivener before, I have no existing projects. I downloaded and installed it fine, opened it fine, and selected the tutorial, at which point it hung. On Windows 7.

jessknoch, sorry for such an unfortunate introduction to the program! After the crash, were you able to relaunch Scrivener and have the tutorial project open so you could begin working? It should be fine at that point up until you create your own new project; then, after it crashes, relaunching Scrivener will open that project for you to work in. Not exactly ideal, but it is at least possible to work even with this bug, and the new beta will be out next week with a fix.