Beta 029 Crashing on Opening/Creating Projects

Though it sounds like you’ve nearly sorted it out, I’ve got this problem, too, with all of the same symptoms (on Win 7).

Win 7 32-bit consistently crashing with new blank project, same as a lot of other people.
I hope that the latest beta fixes this issue and that the commercial version is completely bulletproof.

Just wanted to note that I found Scrivener as the result of an online search for software that would suit the way that I organize my writing. I was excited when I found what appeared to be such an excellent fit for my needs, and way disappointed when I found that the beta wouldn’t work reliably. I’ve spent the last week or so researching all the other Windows possibilities, and–for my needs and preferences, at least–nothing else comes close. (Either there are too many features, or too few, or too many structural restrictions, etc. One or two of them were even too ugly to use!) Scrivener gets it just right: the interface is largely intuitive, thoughtfully functional, and usually an enhancement to getting work done rather than a clumsy hindrance. For my taste, none of the other software available can make the same claim. Now if I could just get it to run trustworthily… :-S

Just found this. Having same problem with new install.

Oh good. I’m so glad it’s not me being thick. I am experiencing the same on XP

This is a known bug. It’s hopefully fixed in the new beta released this week.

I think this problem has been fixed on the version that is available for download today. I haven’t had any problems with it.

Hi Claiomh, This bug exists in the current 029 beta, but it’s not affecting all users–I’m happy you’re one of the ones not seeing it! The new beta that corrects this will be available for download later this week.

Dovahn, jdh2010, woodpig, and curryqueen, so sorry all of you have had such an unpleasant introduction to the program! This crash just came up with the 029 release and as only a fraction of users are experiencing it, it took a bit of tracking down. Happily, Lee has been able to fix this now and as I said, the beta out in a couple days will resolve this. In the meanwhile, I hope the workarounds in the initial post will get you going with a project, and many apologies for this hard intro to beta-testing!