Beta 029 Losing text on note cards

A frustrating bug experienced twice tonight: losing my synopsis text on my notecards in corkboard view. When I finish typing the synopsis on one card, it shows up on the corkboard, but disappears if I click on another (already completed) card. “Undo” and “Redo” do not work to correct this issue. I use Windows 7. Both times the cards affected were ones that I had moved around within the corkboard view to place between other scene cards.

Thanks for all you do! I’ll post more if I notice anything more that might help narrow this down.

Thanks for catching this! I’ve reproduced this and I’ll alert Lee. I’ve only managed to do this in the case you describe–immediately after moving the card. (Happens for both blank cards and those with text already on them.) Workaround for now is to just click away after moving the card before double-clicking to add text.

Thanks, MM! I’ll do that in the future. Glad you could reproduce it.