Beta 035: Bug in Project Statistics

There is bug in the Project Statistics function. Under the ‘Options’ tab in Project Statistics, the three radio buttons that allow you to select what part of your scrivener project should be included in the project statistics is not currently working properly. If you select either ‘Count all documents’ or ‘Count only documents not marked for inclusion’, it acts as though you have selected ‘Count only documents marked for inclusion’. It appears that the only way you can get statistics for your entire project is by first making sure that everything you want included in the statistics has ‘Include in Compile’ checked.

Thanks for the report. This is a known bug on the list and just wasn’t fixed yet for 035.

Thanks for the reply, MM. Is there a bug list somewhere that I can check before making a report?

Afraid not. I’d love to have one, but I’ve been so swamped trying to keep up with testing bugs and communicating with Lee on these and the fixes he’s producing that I haven’t had a chance to compile a list, let alone keep it up to date. Don’t worry about posting an issue that’s already known–I’d rather get multiple reports than miss something.