Beta 035 Changelog

Much as it pains me to cut short the mystery inspired by the original empty post, and the highly entertaining three pages of responses, I have at last compiled the beginnings of the massive changelog for 035 and thought you might like to see it. :slight_smile: Note that there is still more to come, but as Lee has been working like crazy down in his coding cave, it’s taking me a while to sort through the notes, double-check them, rewrite them in actual words (instead of obscure references like “18_22 binder”) and organize them (somewhat) to post here. So I will update this again in a few days when I’ve got another chunk done. Meanwhile, there’s plenty to feast your eyes on, much of which you may already have noticed when working with the new beta. There’s still a long list that Lee is diligently plowing through, but I think you’ll agree that he’s accomplished a lot!

CHANGES FOR BETA 035 (since beta 029)

Mac/Win Compatibility:

  • Custom meta-data field titles are now preserved when moving from Mac to Windows and back

  • When opening a Mac project that uses fonts not available in Windows, the default conversion font has been changed from MS Shell Dlg 2 to Helvetica (Courier will be changed to Courier New)

  • Text with a double underline in a Mac project is converted to a single underline when opened in Windows rather than being removed entirely

  • Text formatted with Preserve Formatting in a Mac project no longer displays this code in the editor when opened on Windows

  • Text following a superscript or subscript now remains at the proper baseline

  • Inline annotations are now properly maintained when going from Windows to Mac

  • Tables display with correct top vertical alignment now when switching platforms


  • Format>Scriptwriting menu now properly displays the current script mode format

  • Return key now properly moves to the next element (in some cases, Return did not switch elements when it should have)

  • When changing script modes in a blank document, initial text now starts with the first element of the new script settings rather than using “General Text”

  • Typo corrected in the warning displayed when switching script formats after modifying the settings

  • Focus now returns to the document when using the mouse to select from the elements menu

  • Script actions now display properly in the editor footer even when the document contains no text

  • It is now possible to change the element type of multiple paragraphs simultaneously

  • Comic book settings have been revised

  • Lowercase or title case text now is capitalized when switched to an element that uses all caps

  • Ctrl+4 should now work reliably to switch into and out of scriptwriting mode

Dragging Between Projects

  • Snapshots, keywords, and references are now all properly transferred when dragging documents from one project’s binder to another

  • Dragging a container document from one project to another now also transfers all the contained documents

  • Hierarchy is now preserved when dragging multiple adjacent items from one project to another

  • Cursor icon now properly indicates invalid action when attempting to drag the Draft, Research or Trash folder from one project’s binder to another

Collections/Project Search

  • Search results are now displayed in binder order

  • Most recent project search is now remembered

  • Bug fixed where using “Add New” when viewing a collection would add a document invisibly to the binder

  • View>Collections>Next/Previous Collection menu options now work properly when the collection tabs are not visible

  • Multiple items added to a collection simultaneously are now added in binder order

  • Rearranging items in the binder view of an arbitrary collection is now properly reflected in the editor view

  • Bug fixed where new projects would start with a populated Search Results collection

  • “All” operator in project search now properly searches keywords


  • Internal references are now created properly when dragging a document from the binder to the reference pane of the inspector (Note there is a bug still with loading them by double-clicking the icon; to get around this, right-click the reference and choose one of the Open options)

  • It is now possible to drag items from the binder without loading the document in the editor (the document is not loaded until mouse up), allowing users to drag items from the binder to the corkboard and outliner, references, notes, etc. and to drag an image from the binder into an open text document to embed the image

  • Drag and drop within the binder has changed to provide greater precision, using guidelines to indicate the parent document into which the dragged item will be placed (if not at root level) and the binder position. When hovering on a document while dragging, a vanishing dot will appear on the icon: if the item is dropped before the dot disappears, it will be placed at the same level at the position indicated by the black line; if dropped after, it will be placed as a child document. (Note: This is experimental and not the final version.)

  • “Group” is now an available action for single documents selected in the binder (the command creates a parent folder at the level of the selected document and then places that document inside it)

  • When a script document is selected, newly created documents likewise start in script mode


  • Title prefix/suffix is now included whether or not the “Title” element is checked for a level

  • Ebook compile no longer throws an error when compiling documents with non-alphanumeric characters (colon, slash, etc.)

  • Bug fixed where the right margin for PDFs on compile could not be altered

  • Header and footer are now available in compile for RTF, PDF, DOC, DOCX and print (under “Page Settings”)

  • Compile-as-is now properly excludes all elements for the selected document except the main text and will not use a title prefix or suffix

  • Custom separators are now properly centered and spaced for RTF and no longer pick up formatting from the preceding line

  • Text line-spacing is also properly compiled

  • Separators are no longer added when no part of the document compiles

  • Page breaks are now encoded as \page in RTF rather than as \pagebb which should help compatibility with Word and other programs

  • Page padding is now only added to documents that start on a new page (either set by the separators or by “page break before”) and is properly ignored on documents set to compile as-is

Project Templates

  • Projects created from templates no longer contain an empty [templatename].scriv directory

  • Project templates are in the process of being updated. At this point, all the fiction templates, the miscellaneous templates, and the Essay (Chicago Style) template have been mostly revised. The sample PDFs have a few discrepancies still from the actual compiled output due to a few compile bugs which will be fixed by 1.0.

  • The “template” icon has been removed for document template folders and text, as this indicated features that are presently not available in Windows


  • Bug fixed where undo would occasionally stop working when using Ctrl+Z; the menu option is also now disabled when Undo is not a valid action

  • Whitespace at the end of a split document is now removed

  • Additional spaces inside a footnote before and after the text are now removed on compile, allowing users to pad footnotes to separate them from the surrounding text

  • Courier has been removed from the font panel as this is an old bitmap style font that Scrivener currently cannot support; imported Courier text will be converted to New Courier

  • Scrivener now has its own converter for DOC and DOCX import, so a separate installation of MS Word is no longer required

  • When the double-arrow auto-load button is enabled for the corkboard or outliner, clicking a document in the editor now respects your layout setting and no longer automatically splits the editor

  • When “Return ends editing synopsis in corkboard and outliner” is deselected, Escape will now end editing without canceling changes

  • The Return key now always adds a new line when editing the synopsis in the inspector, regardless of the chosen Return key behavior in corkboard and outliner

  • Some minor quirks when switching among view modes in various circumstances have been cleaned up

  • Saving projects, backups, compiles, and exports inside Scrivener project (.scriv) folders is now disallowed to prevent confusion and project corruption

  • Scrivener should now launch as expected at the end of the installation process if that option is selected

  • Text display issues in the license and readme files have been corrected

  • KindleGen is no longer included in Scrivener’s installation; instead, a link from the compile sheet will direct you to Amazon to download the proper KindleGen file and point Scrivener to it

  • Tab key now moves from the Description field of the ebook Meta-Data compile pane to the next field, in accordance with the other form fields

  • Icons corrected in the footer bar

  • File>Export>Annotations menu title revised

  • “Add Link” revised to “Link” as it is used for both adding and editing links

  • Icons throughout the interface have been made crisper

  • The Tutorial project now properly refreshes after deleting a previous copy and creating the project anew

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