Beta 035 - Copy from pdf without any spaces or line breaks

Pdf viewing is really working fine now.

Being very glad with this, I wished to copy a piece of text from a reference document into my draft…

It came out with no spaces, like this :


The line breaks you can see here are added manually in this post. Without doing this, there was only the first line visible.
In the Scrivener file, the whole piece of text appears.

Copying the same from an external pdf viewer gives the following :

Tout nous incite à explorer le passé fantastique qui veut resurgir à l’heure où les savants atomistes nous conduisent à l’arène pour la « Hora de verdad », l’Heure de Vérité. Les révélations jaillissent dans le monde entier, au hasard de découvertes providentielles, en Amérique, en France, en Asie,

The problem is not to paste it into a Scrivener file, but to copy it as is from the pdf file I have put into the Research folder.

Thanks, Lilith. This is a known bug with the PDF tool and Lee just didn’t get it fixed yet for 035. For now, the workaround is copying from the open PDF in the external viewer, as you found.

Good day,

I have tried out Scrivener for some time now, and think that this software has great possibilities for managing the sources for my Phd, as well as writing the first draft. I specifically like the feature to split windows to type in one window, and read my pdf resources in another below.

However, having to open an external pdf program in order to copy and paste to circumvent the Scrivener bug which deletes all spaces in the text, is just plain silly and very counterproductive. I believe referencing PDF files would have been a priority in this software.

I downloaded the lates Windows executable, but still the problem persists. It therefore seems that the bug has not been addressed yet, even though the bug has been known for at least six months. Could this not be done as a matter of urgency, seeing that PDF’s are the de facto standard for reading documents?

Kind regards,