Beta 035 file -- trojan attached?

Hi all,
I’ve tried to download and update the Scrivener this morning but my anti-virus program blocked it saying that there’s trojan virus attached to the installing exe file. Is the file safe? should I turn off the anti-virus program and just install it anyway?


It might be reacting to the fact that this time around the certification is missing as that is in transition. If you want to play it safe, download it again from our web page directly.

I just downloaded it from the web site and it installed without a problem. I’m on Windows 7, using Microsoft Security Essentials. I forgot to run the installer as Administrator, so I was expecting an error, but it seems okay.

I spoke too soon:

Error copying file from packed archive
C:/Program Files 9x86)/Scrivenere/Aspell/dict/en-only.rws.9854793

I’m going to download the file again and try again. Will post my results.

I downloaded it again and was able to install it without any problems this time. I did one thing differently, which I doubt had anything to do with it, but I’m mentioning it just because it was different.

Both times I downloaded using Firefox. The first time, I just double-clicked the downloaded file name from Firefox’s Downloads windows. The second time I used Windows Explorer to actually go to the Downloads folder and run it from there.

I didn’t Run as Administrator either time.

I don’t know if this is related but when I hit F1 Help, the file opened in Adobe reader and Kaspersky AV immediately flagged the operation with a warning that the Reader wanted access to a secure password file. KAV offered options and let me shut down Reader.

Reader, when opened by itself, apart from Scrivener, operates fine.

I scanned the Scrivener files and the Adobe files and they all came up clean.

Is it possible the S Help file is contaminated?

That would be extremely unlikely as it was generated on a Mac, using pdflatex. :slight_smile: I don’t use any freeware style tools to make it (by that I mean, stuff you download to “Make PDFs”. Obviously, LaTeX is itself free, but it is open source and ruthlessly examined by thousands of eyeballs, and has been for many years).