Beta 035 on Debian 6.0.3 64-bit

New to Scrivener, so only commenting on the install

Followed install instructions from … r_in_linux
(omitting spellcheck steps)

Missing libraries (unsurprisingly)
installed ia32-libs and ia32-libs-gtk

Now running :slight_smile:

Prob’ly just as well. It doesn’t work properly anyway :frowning:

Check out … eb-package for the deb package I made of the 3.5 beta, with instructions for both 32 and 64-bit install. It’s been running fine on my 64-bit Natty w/Gnome 2, and several other users’ systems.

Yep, worked for me as well. Thanks, Rob.

It works fine on mine, installed it today, together with the nice linux scrivener icon from another thread on this forum.